This could very well be the fate of public broadcasting unless we all must act fast…

Taking away funding for public media is JUST PLAIN CRUEL! We very well all know that we cannot ever replace public media; It is so very important to all of our lives! So if you want public media saved from this very dreadful fate of having its funding cut, then I very well suggest that you go to this very important website, Protect My Public Media, and please sign the petition; Then write, call or email your representatives to tell them that they just cannot eliminate funding for public media; Also, tell everyone about this most important and most crucial matter via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Tumblr, and when you do, please remember to use the hashtag, #SavePublicMedia(and if you would like to make a comment about this post, then I invite you to do so, but please, since this being a family blog, do not use foul or abusive language. Thank you.)

And most importantly, and I am asking this from the very bottom of my heart, please support your local public television and radio station by giving to them! I thank all of you bloggers and blog followers out there from the very bottom of my heart. With Love-Jenn W.


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