How Sick Can One Be?!(Especially When It’s Me!)

“Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt(HEAL)…”

         Something in my own mind tells me that this happens to be the third time that I had gotten sick with a cold; The first time I got it, I think, was back in November of this past year, and that happened just as I was getting into the swing of buying and wrapping gifts while creating Christmas cards for all the members of my family…

         The second time I had gotten a cold was back in late January or probably early February; Now, along with that cold, I had the most monstrous migraine headache in the history of ever, complete with a few counts of vomiting…

         And now, this third time is strictly just not the charm-Another cold! So with that, I had gotten some medicines so that it would help me to try and shorten my cold…I tell you, I just cannot take it anymore!(with this common cold hat trick, I mean…) And while these medicines do help heal me, I also began praying to get better, because after all, prayer helps in the healing process in addition to medicine, right?

         I also began to think that in order for me to stay in good health and to hopefully not have any more colds, then maybe it is about time to just take it easy and to finally eat and drink right, while putting cookies and chips aside only for indulging on occasion; Believe me, nobody has a lot of fun getting three common colds, and I for one surely did not have the most marvelous time suffering all three of them.

         As for migraines? That is another story for hopefully another time…


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