When One Is Pleased With The Results…

“Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt(PLEASED)…” 

        One of my most favorite things about doing my blog is of the pleasure that I bring to each and every new reader whenever they get a new post in their email, or that they have visited my blog for the very first time, reading each post that I publish.

        Of course, there are times when there are things that just do not please me very much, in which I am very much sure it would certainly not ever please my blog’s readers, so those somewhat rather boring ideas get rejected, being thrown into the trash of bad ideas; I try my very best to provide something for every reader to keep them as satisfied as possible.

        Of course, I like to do artwork, be it cartooning, Zentangle(R), watercolors, acrylic, etc.; So it is just only natural that I get to share whatever kind of artwork that I have done with every blogger who visits my blog…But first, in order for my artwork to be blog-ready, I had to make sure that if it is finished, then I know that it has very well pleased me that I have done the art, and that I am very much happy that I do art because the artwork is my very own. Then I share it afterwards with the world, and then, if they like it, then it pleases them, leaving them so very satisfied that I would be betting that they would be wanting more…

        Now, while we are speaking of things that pleases everyone, I got more posts planned for my blog that would sure to please each and every one of you bloggers and blog followers out there that I would very much sure be betting that you just might be wanting more! So if you want to be a part of the fun, just follow my blog, KALEIDOSCOPE, at http://www.j2w7.wordpress.com, and just hit that cute little button called “Follow KALEIDOSCOPE” somewhere…

        Now, if you folks would excuse me, I’ve got to go and plan some more posts to please you…


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