Portrait Of Cranky…

“Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt(CRANKY)…” 



Purple border
How cranky can one be?

This here, my friends, is a portrait of crankiness; A man who at the very prime of his life thought he had been very happy with the things that he already has now become a very cranky and very bitter old man.

He is cranky because his entire life had changed; He had once been living a quiet life with his wife, in the hopes that he would promise her every little thing he would provide for her; But now, those hopes have been dashed, and the man has become angry at that fact.

This man has been cranky for many other things than just that; He is cranky because someone has taken his parking space; He is cranky because the person at his favorite coffee shop has informed him that they are out of coffee…And he is also cranky for the fact that the most magnificent promotion that he had been working so very hard for has been given to a much younger person, someone who has probably more smarts than him.

But those are not the only things why this man whom we are talking about here has become as cranky as all heck; No, it had to be something very serious that has made him so very cranky. Yes, I shall indeed tell you the real, true reason why this bitter man had become so very cranky…He is cranky because…

His mother-in-law had just moved in this past weekend, and he had been ever so bitter ever since! Now THAT is a portrait of crankiness!!!(Yuk, yuk, yuk!)



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