Want To Help a Family Put Food On The Table? Here’s How…

        There are many families out there who are making very tough decisions today-They are being forced to choose between paying the rent and ultilities, and buying food; And today, with many people who have been out of their jobs while struggling to find another, they also find that it is getting so very hard than ever before to make ends meet just to provide food for their children, let alone basic essentials like shampoo, dish soap and laundry detergent.

        While their parents are forced out of their jobs, the very ones who would also suffer the very most would be the children, and if those children do not get the basic nutritious food that they so desperately need, then they will not ever be strong enough to grow up and to achieve their most important dreams.

        And so, as being the woman behind my own WordPress-hosted blog, KALEIDOSCOPE, I very much feel that it is time to help those families in need, and to give them enough food on the table to last an entire month; Throughout the month of May, I shall be publishing more posts, and for any post that you like on my blog, it will be worth $1.99, in which I plan to donate whatever amount it would add up to to help support Feed The Children in its ongoing effort to help feed hungry boys and girls right here in the good ol’ U.S. of A.(You can learn more about my favorite charity by going to its website at http://www.feedthechildren.org).

        By doing so, you can feel good to know that you have liked any one of my blog posts while helping a struggling family in out very own backyard at the same time!

        Stay tuned to KALEIDOSCOPE for more exciting posts to come!


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