MOTHER’S DAY(And The Pink Rose)

Mother’s Day, a day in which we celebrate all of our mother’s for all of the hard work that they do, is just around the corner…And somehow, when it comes to symbols that symbolize the things in life, I think it is the pink rose that should symbolize Mother’s Day; Because after all, the color of pink has often associated with beauty, charm, love, sweetness, tenderness and politeness.

    That being said, the pink rose has certainly been featured in I think a lot of things, among which are desserts; Here are a few of those ideas to create the kind of desserts that would certainly make any mom love you even more, and what’s even more special is that you can create them as gifts! These pink-tastic dessert ideas are direct from Pinterest, in which you can get these kind of ideas from…

Instead of giving mom a bunch of roses that tend to wither and die anyway, how about letting her have her rose and eat it too, as in this yummy rose cake!
Or, if a whole rose cake isn’t your fancy, then create these for mom: Cake pop roses!
The pink rose should always be the symbol for Mother’s Day, and this delicate dessert idea should always be welcome in mom’s house-Macarons, topped with the aforementioned pink rose!
Of course, cupcakes are always so very special, especially on a holiday that’s as oh-so-very special as Mother’s Day; So why not be a good son or daughter to mom(after all, she raised you!)by creating these vanilla cupcakes with a pink rose on top-She’s gonna thank you for it!
Finally, you could also go the extra mile and group those cupcakes together, then add light green fondant(available at art & craft stores such as Michael’s)for the stem, as well as all the other ever-so-sweet trimmings, and you have got yourself one sweet…bunch!(Sorry, folks, it seems to me I’ve been having trouble spelling B-O-U-Q-U-E-T…)

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