You know, I have been doing a lot of wondering recently; I began to wonder what life would be like if there were no public television, as well as having no art or even music in our schools. If there weren’t any public TV or art or music in our schools, then this great nation of ours in which we have the freedom to use and to express our creativity is in very deep trouble.

        Our president is trying to eliminate funding for the very public TV shows that you and I watch, shows like Masterpiece Theater and Washington Week In Review; If we lose Public TV, then we have lost something very important, and that we as well as our children will not have something to watch that would inform and educate them, and once that ever happens, then all is lost. If we lose all of the art and music education that has been such a trmendous and most important part of our nation’s schools, then our children will not have anyplace to go to express their creativity with those very things that they rely on, and if that should happen, God forbid, then all of that would be lost as well.

        It is so very hard to imagine America without public television, as well as art and music in our schools, or even a stable economy; Therefore, we cannot allow something like this to happen-Funding for public television is the most important thing that helps keep this kind of medium growing, as well as music & art in our schools, because these two also rely on funding, and they are also the most important things that helps keep two of the most important subjects in our schools going(next to spelling and math, of course).

        And so with that, my dearest friends, I urge each and every one of you to tell members of congress, as well as your state’s elected officials and especially our President of The United States, that cutting funding for public television and the art and music in our schools is just plain unacceptable; Just tell them that they need to keep the funding for those important things…Because without it, then we would have nothing for us to teach our chiildren, as well as ourselves.

        And once if or when that happens, then all would be lost. Perhaps forever.


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