At The End Of A Rainbow…(A STORY)

         There was a young man who had been single throughout most of his life; Then one day, he saw the most beautiful rainbow that he had ever seen way up in the sky. He soon followed that rainbow, and then something, or someone, soon changed his life-It was a very beautiful woman, who was clad in the most beautiful Grecian dress!

         What that young man did not ever know, however, was that she was a muse, and a very mysterious one at that; As he tried to get very close to her, she ultimately disappeared! The young man became somewhat puzzled at this-How could she ever disappear like that, he wondered? So, he looked everywhere for that mystery woman, and each and everywhere that he went, he had somehow found that woman-On a billboard, on a cover of a magazine, on a painting, and even on a catalog cover! But no matter how hard that he tried, he had never found that woman, and he soon became a bit disappointed.

         But then, as he was about to walk home, he bumped into a person whom he began to recognize-It was a woman who looked just like that strange muse that he had found at the very end of the rainbow! The man smiled at the woman and told her his name, while the woman smiled back at him and introduced herself with her name. And they both walked home together…

         It is so very wonderful how you could sometimes find such marvelously good things at the end of the rainbow…


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