Temporary Things…

“Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt(TEMPORARY)…” 

(Illustration by Jenn Webster)

        There are things in this life that only last temporarily, and there are others that last forever; One of those things that lasted very temporary is the annual Dover Days festival, held every year in Dover, Delaware…

        Now, back in 2015, a year before my family and I had to move to Felton, we were still living in Camden, DE, just 11 months after we have moved from Magnolia…Since I had lived in Camden then, as well as the fact that it would surely be a good exercise to do so, I had decided to take a walk all the way from Camden straight to Downtown Dover, just so I could catch a very good glimpse of the parade, and then take some pictures of that as well as all of the sights and sounds of Dover Days.

        So that I had just did: Watched the parade while taking pictures, and then snapped some photos of almost all of the sights and sounds of what a pretty good city like Dover has to offer, including its local businesses; Afterward, we all went home and had a pretty nice little Cinco De Mayo soiree, while the others had begun to watch another beginning-of-May tradition, the Kentucky Derby… 

        Fast-forward to the here and now-It has been a year since we have moved to Felton, and because of the fact that we have moved so very far from Dover itself, we could not go to Dover Days last year because of the rain; But this year my family went there, last week in fact, but I had to stay behind and watch the house…

        So, an annual event such as Dover Days is indeed something that is surely temporary, because it only comes once a year; Afterwards, you yourself would have to wait a whole entire year for Dover Days to come again. But in spite of this, all of what you have cherished in that certain annual event is somehow stored in your memories, and memories, unlike temporary things, last forever. 


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