Oh, The Most Delicious Ways To Do With Kool-Aid…

Ahh, Kool-Aid…That most ever-so-refreshing soft-drink mix that had first been invented by a man by the name of Edwin Perkins in his own mother’s kitchen in Hastings, Nebraska has since then been enjoyed by kids young and old today, no matter how high the sugar content; However, Kool-Aid has not only become the beverage of choice in each and every summer picnic and kiddie drink stand in America, but it has also become the inspiration for many a dessert idea that has popped up on Pinterest(www.pinterest.com). 

So the very next time that you are about to plan your very first picnic of the summer, then you might want to try some of these Kool-Aid ideas to put into your little menus… 

You might want to try creating a whole new kind of homemade taffy to share with your kids-Kool-Aid taffy(although flavored tropical punch, I think, you might also want to try adding cherry or grape)!
Well, hey-hey-hey: Forget vanilla ice cream-Just try making a whole new, different kind of ice cream: Kool-Aid ice cream!(Any kind of Kool-Aid flavor will do!)
MMMmmm, my, don’t they look delicious?! It’s grape Kool-Aid cupcakes, and I think that they might look good as the perfect snack for watching Super Sci-Fi Saturday Night on MeTV(though I doubt about Doctor Schmoo, er, Who…)!
And lastly(but not least-ly), just about everyone loves slushies, but then again, they love Kool-Aid as well; So here is one deliciously swell idea that never, ever fails(hopefully): Kool-Aid Easy Mix slushies!



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