Just Think-A Candy Buffet Sale For Charity!

        It seems to each of us that the candy buffet has since become the most wonderfully good part of any special occasion, be it a wedding, birthday, or any very special event…

        But did you know that you could also use the candy buffet to sell candy for a good cause?(Actually, I had just though of that certain idea!) Yes, yours truly has just come up with another great idea just for you-Candy buffets to be used to sell candy to help raise money for charity…Now, is that an idea or what-have-you, huh?!?

        Now, before any of you decide on doing a charity candy buffet sale, consider these things…

  1. Look for, and then research the charities that you have selected, then start planning for your fundraiser.
  2. Make announcements about your charity candy buffet sale in any media form possible, and on such social media pages such as Twitter and Facebook; However, you can also be creative and make posters to advertise your charity candy buffet sale, or better yet create digital posters to advertise your event on those social media sites!
  3. As it is an ever-so-important must, buy the candy that you will need to sell to make enough money for the charity that you have chosen.
  4. Oh, and don’t forget-Buy the most important essentials needed to fill your candy in order to have your candy buffet sale for charity; There are glass bowls, vases, etc. and other glass candy dishes that you can find at local arts and crafts stores such as Michaels.
  5. And finally, on the day of the charity candy buffet sale, set your table up in a nice, extravagant manner; Then, try to set up your candy buffet glassware in a very safe manner so they do not get smashed or broken, and then fill the candy in. And afterward, have people purchase whatever candy they would have in the candy buffet, and tell them that all of the proceeds will go to the charity that you have chosen.

        And that’s it-You, your friends, and your customers will surely be having one SWEET time while helping out a good cause!


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