MADAME CUPID By Jenn Webster

“Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt(COLLABORATION)…” 

NOTE:This post happens to indeed be a collaboration, of both my own original writing as well as my original artwork; I very much hope that you enjoy this as much as I have enjoyed creating it. Thank you.-JW 

         Way up in the sky, there lived a most beautiful woman; But she was no ordinary woman-This woman just happens to be an incarnation of sorts of the Roman god of love and affection…She is called: Madame Cupid.

         Madame Cupid is a most enchanting creature in any kind of dream world that one could imagine; She has the reddest of hair, and she wears just about any kind of red or pink-fulness on her dress, while her accessories are all shaped to the brim with hearts. Whenever Madame Cupid sees someone who likes something or someone, she comes down from the clouds, but very invisible, and then aims her bow & arrows at a person’s heart, then shoots her arrow at the heart, making that person fall in love with anything or anyone that he or she loves so very much.

         And yes, Madame Cupid has wings, as many cupids do; and what’s even more surprising is that Madame Cupid is the half-cousin of Venus, the goddess of love, desire, and beauty, and who also has an incarnation-in the form of a blue-streaked-with-brunette-haired beauty named Lady Venus…But that could be another story for another time.

         One time, Madame Cupid went to pay a visit to Venus; She had been looking at herself in the mirror in recent time, but one day while visiting her half-cousin, Venus became shocked that her mirror was gone. Madame Cupid flew to find her half-cousin’s mirror, and then she saw a man, a rather ugly man, taking a look at himself through Venus’ mirror. Madame Cupid was shocked. 

         “How dare you look at your very own face through my half-cousin’s mirror!” yelled Madame Cupid; With that, she aimed her arrow, and then shot it at the man; The ugly-faced man began to feel love all inside him, and then a transformation had taken place…The man who had that ugly face before soon changed into a handsome face, and after he had returned Venus’ mirror to Madame Cupid, he sees a beautiful woman, thus while the beautiful woman had eyes on him, and then fell in love with each other.

         And so, my dearest friends, the very next time that you begin to love a certain thing or even someone that you love so very much, look out-Madame Cupid might be nearby, even though she is invisible…


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