And Now, Another Special Announcement From KALEIDOSCOPE…

       Two weeks ago I made an announcement to you bloggers and blog followers out there that throughout this month of May, any post that I had published and that it is liked on my blog would be worth $1.99 in which I would donate whatever amount it adds up to Feed The Children, a non-profit charity which provides food for families right here in America who would otherwise not provide any food to their children because they do not have the money to do so.

       Well, I am very happy to announce that because you have liked any of my posts that I had published throughout this month that was worth $1.99, I have added up to a total of $85, in which I plan to donate to help support Feed The Children in the next month! Because of this, I shall have to end the drive early, but I do not want you all to be upset-Hopefully I shall have another drive sometime in the not-too-distant future, Lord willing.

       Thanks to all of you who have liked my posts and have helped combat child hunger right here in America at the same time…You all have terrific hearts that show you care!


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