Star-Spangled Patriotic Cakes!

Even though we are still in the very beginning of June, there are people out there who may already be looking forward to the upcoming 4th of July Independence Day holiday coming up next month; And yes, there certainly are people who may already be planning their BBQ menus, which happen to include dessert (after all, who says that you can’t have dinner without dessert?! Oh well, I guess everybody…).

So with that in mind, I would very much like to address this about one of those desserts, the cake; And if you are planning on making a cake, then it just has to be a patriotic one, right? So once again, with the help of that certain ideas website, Pinterest(, here are those following ideas in which I have selected for these patriotic cakes that would surely compliment a 4th of July BBQ, while making your upcoming Independence Day celebrations one to remember…

Everyone may say that sugar cookies are for Christmas, right?! WRONG!! Sugar cookies are for EVERY holiday, including Halloween and of course the 4th of July; So, what better dessert would complete the meal than this: Fireworks sugar cookie cake!
Oh, now does this look delectable or what?(no drooling on my blog, please!!!) This is one cake idea that would make anybody proud to be an American: American flag layer cake!
Cupcakes, cupcakes, cupcakes, isn’t there no end to cupcakes? Well, for one thing, they’re not going away anytime soon; And this idea might keep your BBQ guests from going away as well: Flag cupcakes!
And lastly, while we’re speaking of cupcakes, those itty-bitty little cakes look dull when they are unfrosted; But add fireworks-style frost decorating to the tops of the cupcakes, and you have got a treat that’s a real BANG!

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