Ever-So-Yummy(And Ever-So-Summery)Orange Dessert Ideas!

It is now completely official: The kids are out of school, there are no more new episodes of your favorite TV shows until the fall-Hey, it must be summer! And now that summer is, or officially will be here in a few days, I bet that you have a ton of great ideas for certain things that would make this summer memorable; One of those ideas that comes to mind just happens to have something to do with a certain summer fruit, the orange, and I think that I am betting that some of you folks might plan to create desserts featuring the orange.

    With that in mind, I have selected a few crafty dessert ideas that feature the orange, everybody’s favorite sunshine fruit, through the courtesy of the one and only ideas website, Pinterest(www.pinterest.com)… 

Hey, remember when you were a kid and you used to love a certain little soda called Orange Crush? Well, this idea will help you recapture those memories: Orange Crush cupcakes!
Orange creamsicles just also happen to be another summertime treat, especially when it has been transferred into this dessert: Orange creamsicle truffles!
While we are on the subject of creamsicles, here is yet another dessert treat based on that time-honored summer favorite: Creamsicle poke cake!
And finally, we all just adore chocolate brownies, right? Well, this one just happens to be the most sunniest variation of a classic dessert: Orange brownies!


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