All-New Twists to American Food Classics!

Well now that you have learned all about the tastes of America, may I suggest that when your 4th of July BBQ comes around, you might want to serve your guests some All-American classics, only this time, with an all-new twist! These following ideas will help make this upcoming Independence Day celebration, or any other BBQ night, one to remember; The following ideas are all through the courtesy of that ever-so-full of ideas website, Pinterest

Hot dogs are surely among the All-American favorites; Yet, this idea seems just as patriotic: Easy Pretzel Hot Dogs!
Yet another All-American favorite is the grilled cheese, but there happens to be another famous sandwich that’s American, the Philadelphia cheesesteak; Combine these two culinary treats, and it is the perfect All-American match: Philly Cheese Steak Grilled Cheese!
Both pizza and French fries remain American classics, despite being very fatty foods(I meant no offense); But wait-Here is one yummy combination of those time-honored classics: Pizza Waffle Fries!
Ahh, but let’s not ever forget about dessert, in fact, two of the All-American ones: Of course, everybody loves coconut cake(almost, maybe), but this idea happens to be the most delectable variation of a classic dessert yet: Coconut Cream Poke Cake!
And finally, no dessert is as All-American as apple pie, and this one is an inventive version of this time-honored classic: Apple-Cinnamon Crescents!

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