TO AMERICA, WITH LOVE: “The Tastes Of America”


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Oh, nom-nom-nom-nom, nommy-nom…

The good ‘ol United States of America is so very full of history; Among those that reflect America are its very own cuisine, in which the European colonization of the Americas yielded the introduction of a number of ingredients and cooking styles to the latter, thereby expanding continuously well into the 19th and 20th centuries.

We would not have these kinds of foods here in this great country of ours had it not been for the Native Americans, who began the process of early American Cuisine by utilizing a number of cooking methods which have blended with early European cooking methods which would form the basis of American Cuisine. The first two things that were common were grilling meats as well as spit roasting over a pit fire; Root vegetables often were cooked directly in the ashes of the fire. Due to the lack of pottery, the early Native Americans would then develop a technique in which has caused many anthropologists to call them “Stone Boilers”-They would heat the rocks directly in a fire and then add the rocks to a pot filled with water until it came to a boil so that it would cook the meat of vegetables in the boiling water…In a certain place that is now called the Southwestern United States, they had also created Adobe ovens, which are called hornos, to bake such items as cornmeal bread.

Later on, in the colonial times of the English colonies on the eastern seaboard of North America, the colonists began their initial attempts at survival, which happen to include planting crops that were familiar to them way back in England; So they had farmed animals for meat and clothing. Through hardships and eventual establishment of trade with Britain, the West Indies as well as other regions, the colonists had been able to establish themselves in the American colonies with a cuisine that is similar to their previous British cuisine.

The very first American cookbook was published in 1796; Yes, there were foods that have certainly fit into American Cuisine…Hunted game that includes bear, buffalo, deer, and wild turkey-The larger muscles of these animals were roasted and then served with currant sauce, and the smaller portions went into stews, soups, pies, and sausages, as well as pastries and pies. Meanwhile, oils and fats had been made directly from animals served to cook much of the colonial foods.

Fast-forward to the Modern American Cuisine of the Progressive Era, in which the production and presentation of food had become more industrialized; Many railroads of that time featured upscale dining cuisine in their dining cars, while restaurant chains, especially the famed Fred Harvey restaurants, had emerged with the standardized decor and menus. Throughout World War I the Progressives’ moral advice about food conservation had been emphasized in large-scale state as well as federal programs that have been designed to educate housewives, while large-scale foreign aid both during and after the war brought American standards to Europe.

There happens to be one characteristic of American cooking, and that is the fusion of multiple ethnic or regional approaches into completely new cooking styles, one example happens to be the fact that hot dogs are German and that spaghetti is Italian, and so is pizza, which is based on a traditional Italian dish that has been brought by Italian immigrants to the United States, But its style varies depending on the region of development since its arrival, one example being that the “Chicago”-style pizza has its focus on a thicker, taller crust, while a “New York Slice” is known to have a much thinner crust which can be folded.

Frozen entrees also play a part in the history of American Cuisine; The food industries’ many companies have since developed these new products that require only minimal preparation. Meanwhile, in the 1970s, a brand-new wave was taking place: The celebrity chef. Personalities such as Graham Kerr and Julia Child began this trend of cooking on a certain medium known as television, and right after the rise of such other cable channels as the Food Network, even more celebrity chefs began to follow afterward.

Many people are still enjoying the benefits of American Cuisine even into the 21st century; American dishes that have become such a very part of our lives are, among others: Biscuits and gravy, eggs benedict, pork roll, scrapple, stromboli, Texas toast, buffalo wings, and chicken and waffles. American desserts are as follows: Beignet, bananas Foster, Boston cream doughnut, Boston cream pie, key lime pie, pecan pie, salt water taffy, and even a toll house cookie, just to name a few. Yes, one of the very best parts of America is, and always will be, its very own cuisine; America would be a much hungrier place without it!




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