Well, here I am-Rehoboth Beach, Delaware!

         I had finally arrived yesterday at the most summer-est vacation destination of all, Rehoboth Beach, DE; I placed my suitcase and my backpack down at the hotel room in which I would be staying, and then I had decided to explore a little bit of this wonderful place before turning in for the night so I would be fully ready in the morning to get started on my vacation adventure…

         These are the photos in which I had just snapped, at around 4:30-ish in the morning, just while everybody else is asleep(and I bet that some of you bloggers and blog followers out there in the Mountain and Pacific Time Zones were asleep as well the time I took those photos)…
         But this is just the beginning of what I am hoping would be a lots-o-fun vacation adventure for me; There’s so very much more to explore at Rehoboth Beach, DE, so it’ll take me some time to take little bits and pieces of every single thing of the beach. Meanwhile, though, it is time for me to rest for a little bit before the hotel serves continential breakfast…



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