J-W’s VACATION DIARY(Day 2, Part 1)

Yesterday, I began on my journey to all of the sights and sounds of a most beautiful place that is known as Rehoboth Beach…

First and foremost, though, I had a most scrumptious continental breakfast…
And then right afterwards, I went out into the beautiful sunrise to look around…
Now, here is a nice little item…A combination golf course/ice cream shoppe…
And then it is very well off to the beaches of, well, Rehoboth Beach!
Ahhh, there is ever-so-nothing as ever-so-sweeter as a relaxing day at the beach, sitting on the sand and watching the waves crash and roar…
A heavenly day at the beach is the most perfect escape from the cares and the worries of this everyday world…
But wait! What’s this I see? An arcade?!(TO BE CONTINUED IN THE NEXT POST!)

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