Move Over, Boys…(Or, A Tiny Overview Of Women Heroes)

Yes, all of you bloggers and blog followers out there, we were in for quite a big surprise, in which we got it: For the very first time in its over 50-year history, Doctor Who has become a woman, as in the very next doctor will finally be a woman; For some who have been wishing and hoping for that to happen, it pretty much seems that after so many years, they have finally got their wish. But for others who have been expecting another glamour boy, er, I mean, handsome, good-looking man and got this instead, let me offer my heartfelt sympathies to you…I know how some of you feel right now, and I just want to say that it is ok to cry…
     Meanwhile, since we are getting a female Doctor Who for the very first time in ages, then maybe it is very well time to take a look back at how American television’s most incredible women had put the POW in a certain thing called Girl Power…

We can start, first of all, with Honey West, played by Anne Francis, on a show that ran for only one season, from 1965-66…
And then, there is Batgirl, played by the late, great Yvonne Craig, who appeared in the final season of “Batman” in 1967-68…

Ahh, yes, we cannot ever forget Lynda Carter and her ever-so-flawless portrayal of Wonder Woman, one of DC Comics’ “Big Three”(along with Superman & Batman, natch)…
And lastly(but not leastly), we cannot ever forget Jamie Sommers, the Bonic Woman herself, played by Lindsay Wagner(confidentially, one of her best friends happens to be worth 6-million dollars)…

     And those are just some of the women of American television who show us that “girls can do anything boys can”, to quote somebody, and for that we salute them; If I had left out any other powerful females of television’s past, I would like to offer my apologies…You see, I couldn’t cover everything. 
     Let me know what you think of this in by leaving a comment below this post!


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