Ever-So-Edible Ice Cream Ideas…

“Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt(EDIBLE)…” 

        As some of you may have heard, this past Sunday was National Ice Cream Day; But if you(as well as I) happen to miss it, then no worries-It just so seems that every day is Ice Cream Day, and with very good reason-There just happens to be a slew of the most edible homemade ice creams out there, and yours truly has selected some of those ever-so-sweet treats for you folks to try out, courtesy of that ever-so-full-of-ideas website, Pinterest

Fresh from the deep blue sea, comes this splashy treat: No-churn mermaid ice cream!
Mermaid not your thing? Then try this trendy treat on for size: Unicorn ice cream!
Just like the chocolate chip cookie dough, brownie batter is all the rage; So it is no big surprise that this treat deserves top honors at any dessert table: No-churn brownie ice cream!
And finally…Here is a fun homemade ice cream that has been inspired by a certain famous muppet, while it also happens to be yet another no-churn treat: Cookie Monster ice cream!

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