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Over the weekend I did something really special, and with very good reason-This coming November 17th happens to mark 10 years since the world of Philadelphia radio had lost a legend, in fact, a real, TRUE legend…As a matter of fact, I shall let my friend Seala tell you all about it…
“I had this dream last night…And in that dream, I saw the spirit of Hy Lit, and he told me that he had been worried about the fact that his son, Sam Lit, might have lost his internet radio station, but even more than just that, he also told me that he was worried about the fact that the people of the Delaware Valley might forget about him, and if people forget about him, then his incredible legacy would be lost forever…

So it is with that that I have made this collage of honor, in honor of the one and only Hy Lit, in the hopes that none of those in Philadelphia as well as hopefully the rest of the tri-state area(including hopefully Delaware) would ever forget what this extraordinary DJ has brought to the City of Brotherly Love, and to also let Sam know that his father is thinking of him and that he hopes he does not ever forget his famous father as well.
Sam Lit, if you are reading this post, I would very much like to say that you are a true hero for keeping your father’s legacy alive, and I am so very grateful to you; I hope that there is nothing wrong, and if anything went wrong, then please let me say that I am so very sorry for whatever bad thing has happened to you. If you should ever feel the need to cry, then go right ahead and do it, it is OK. 

This coming November 17th is the 10th anniversary of the passing of this legendary DJ; Yes, 10 long years have passed since we have lost such an incredible legend, but even though he is no longer with us physically, he is here with us in spirit. So let’s all remember and honor Hy Lit…But most importantly, let us never, EVER forget the man himself, the man who is known by the most famous nickname of all: ‘Hyski ‘O Rooney McVoutie ‘O Zoot'” (This post had been guest-written by my friend Seala)


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