The Beginning of Summer’s End (AN ESSAY)

         Even though we are still in the midst of a season called summer, it would not be very long before we would be experiencing the very beginnings of that certain season coming to an end…And then, there are going to be children who wish that they do not want summer to end and that they do not want to go back to school, but have to; There are their parents who wish that they could just have a little bit more of summer, or even could just have their vacations extended so that they could have plenty more time to enjoy themselves…
         But alas, one just cannot escape this. Summer shall very well be ending before any of us know it, and there just could not be any ignorance of this fact. As for myself, I understand how each and every one of them feels right now about the fact that summer will be at the very beginning of its end…I somehow feel that way, too; For example, when the time had come for me for my vacation in Rehoboth Beach to end, there is that certain feeling deep inside of me that says that I do not want my vacation to end, and that maybe I could have it extended. But no, what is done is done, and the time had very well came for me to go home, but I would always have those wonderful memories of that most joyous time that I myself have had…

         Summer does have a way of coming and going, doesn’t it? Just like any kind of season, say spring or fall, the season of summer had come…and soon it will be starting to go. But then, we could do something even a whole lot better: Rather than groaning over the fact that summer will be ending, why don’t we just take a look into our photo albums and then look back at the many summers of the past-That way, when the cold, winter winds begin to blow once more, we can have those ever-so-wonderful summer memories to warm our bones by.
         And then again, there is always spring to look forward to, and then the flowers would bloom again, and the weather would be warm again…But that could be quite a very long while…


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