Ever-So-Peachy Desserts For Peach Month!

       The peach, that certain, most delicate fruit that happens to be a tree native to the region of Northwest China(’tis true), is being honored for this coming month of August as Peach Month(August starts tomorrow, in case you haven’t known), and during that month creative people begin to use their culinary creativity to create the most finest of peach desserts in which they would enter in a festival(such as the annual Peach Festival in Camden-Wyoming, Delaware); Of course, there are people who would rather make peach desserts for their own personal use(say, for dessert after dinner)…
        With that being said, here are some of the most delicious peach dessert ideas that would help you get creative in celebration of peach month this August; Once again, they are through the courtesy of Pinterest… (For even more food idea fun, check out my other post for lollipops…)

Talk about a really creative dessert…I’ve heard of crumb cakes, but crumb bars?! Whatever the case may be, this is one PEACH-y dessert(yuk, yuk, yuk, yuk, yuk): Peach Crumb Bars!
Peach is fresh, while lemonade happens to be fresher; Combine them and it’s the freshest: Fresh Peach Lemonade!
One of the most favorite desserts out there is the pound cake, but since August happens to be Peach Month, one should definitely try making this instead: Peach Sour Cream Pound Cake!
The very best should definitely be saved for last…Not only that this peach dessert is ever-so-divine, but it’s also got a Tennessee flair to it: Tennessee Peach Pudding!

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