Simply Scrumptious Sandwich Ideas For Sandwich Month!

         For those of you who happen to have an ever-so-special fondness for sandwiches, then the merry month of August, which starts tomorrow, by the way, is for you: The month of August happens to be Sandwich Month! So, to help you folks celebrate this very special month that honors that yummy, portable, and hand-held delight, I have personally selected some of the most creative sandwich ideas for you to try out, all through the courtesy of that ever-so-full-of-ideas website, Pinterest… 

Wow, doesn’t that look ever-so-good?!(No drooling on my blog, please!) A combination of salty and sweet: Blackberry bacon grilled cheese!
When it comes to sandwiches, one has to try something new, and this happens to be certainly new: Chicken pesto sandwich!
Everybody just loves garlic knots, right? Well, for those of you who happen to love such a thing, here is a sandwich that is based on that: Garlic knot chicken parm sandwiches!
And finally, grilled cheese and pepperoni pizza combine to create a treat that defines description: Pepperoni pizza grilled cheese!

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