Presenting Another All-New Feature: “WHAT ARE THOSE?”

Television stations have always been around since television itself began; Each and every city has got to have its very own TV station, from Boston to New York to Chicago. But in one particular city, they certainly do have their very own television stations as well, so without further ado, let’s take a nostalgic look at…

4250326959_1f1539a863_b - Copy
“Well, goll-lee, it’s sure kinda fuzzy there…”

YOW! It looks like all of those TV stations in that city have been blurred and covered up, so it pretty much looks like we won’t ever know what they are…Unless you folks can help me! If we have any chance of figuring out which TV stations they are and what city they are from, then we might be able to solve this puzzle, so with that, here are the following clues to help us guess…

  1. The television stations are from a certain city in a certain state that is part of the tri-state.
  2. Two television stations have made the switch from one network to the other.
  3. Three independent television stations are still around, while the other one no longer exists.
  4. One of the two television stations were public; The other went off the air 6 years ago.
  5. Only one television station is still around after over 6 decades, despite the fact that it had changed call letters as well as ownership.

Well, here are the clues; You must use them to solve the mystery of what TV stations are there and what city they are from…I shall have the big reveal in a few days. Good luck all you bloggers and blog followers out there!


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