“Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt(SYMPHONY)…” 

Know THIS face?! Yours truly has certainly made an artwork of it…

          This past weekend, I had done another art exercise; This time, I had begun to challenge myself to create a mixed-media monochrome artwork using only the shades of a few colors, such as dark blue, light dark blue, white, some black, etc…
          The end result happens to be the most beautiful symphony of color that yours truly has ever created, a remarkable, almost realistic portrait of the legendary Philadelphia disc jockey, the one, the only Hy Lit; Never I have been so very happier to do such a harmonious artwork in which the monochromatic colors as well as the art media in which I have selected blended together, as if almost in a symphony…

          That little project has led me to think that I might be able to do more such artwork like that in the near future…So, what do you think of my harmonious symphony in my portrait of Hy Lit, otherwise known to those in the know as Hyski ‘O Rooney McVoutie ‘O Zoot? Let me know in the comments below, and thanks! 


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