The Yummiest Ideas For Back-To-School…

Even though we are in the very first days of August, now has come a time when parents all over the good ‘ol U.S. of A. shall very well indeed be making plans for that certain time when their children will be going right back to school, once summer is offically over for another year and that the school bells ring again; Among those plans, however, are what kind of lunch that they would pack in their kids’ lunchboxes-There are so many options to choose from, they probably would not know just what kind of lunch to pack first…
     Well, have no fear, KALEIDOSCOPE is here! Yours truly has personally selected these following ideas that would help your kids’ lunchtime at school just a little bit easier, all through the courtesy of Pinterest

Now, this here is a variation of a certain breakfast sweet treat, only this time it has gone south of the border: Taco Pop Tarts!
You’ve all heard of the shish kabob, right? Well, your kids might want to enjoy this variation: Easy Lunch Kabobs!
Ahh, yes, Oreos are always a real treat, but what’s even a whole lot better is that you can transform them into apples, as in: Apple Oreo Pops!
And finally, everyone’s most favorite treat, the sugar wafer(well, almost, for those who are on a diet), has gotten a back-to-school makeover: Sugar Wafer Pencil Cookies!

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