Dover, DE’s Wacky Comic Con For Nerds(and Non-Nerds Alike)

(Parody illustration by yours truly!)

        Oh my word, it had to happen some of these times, especially for those who are non-nerds including me: On Saturday, August 19th, that ever-so-historic capitol of the very first state of Delaware, Dover, will host that ever-so-wacky-nutsy-banana-cuckoo-event, the Dover Comic Con(or, if one such as myself would prefer, that event in which every teenager pretends that it’s Halloween in August, and they tend to grab comics and trinkets while the gettin’ is good…I’m joking with you, of course…)
        But seriously, the ones who are responsible for creating this comic book fol-de-rol are the Dover Public Library-They created the Dover Comic Con way back in 2013 to help promote its brand-new graphic novel collection, thus succeeding in finally finding a way to get 120 nerd-soaked teenagers out of the basement for once(again, I’m just kidding); Four long years have passed, and that Comic Con, an event that could only happen in a certain city in a certain First State, has ultimately grown to over 10,000 attendees of all ages attending a variety of city-wide events; The Dover Comic Con is truly a festival that features not only artists, vendors and crafts, but also cars, gaming, and fan groups.

        This year’s Comic-a-Con highlights events such as the Pokemon Room(aw man, is that little yellow thingie still around?!?), and even a Star Wars room(they just never give up on Star Wars, do they?!) And yes, all throughout Downtown Dover you shall definitely see a lot of crazy cosplay, which makes Dover itself look like Disneyland, as well as gaming(crazy, man, crazy), collectables, and other fun stuff, but wait, there is more…
        Over at the Biggs Museum of American Art, you can participate in a community-wide comic book, compliments of the Delaware Division of the Arts Master Fellow Yolanda Chetwynd, in which she will facilitate the creation; If you ever wanted to add your very own panel to this very special community comic book, here’s your chance: All are invited to add their own panel to the story, and to watch how the narrative collaboratively unfolds.

        And yes, over at Dover’s First State Heritage Park, Doctor Who will be there, as in Doctor Who Meets William Penn…As if I needed another mention of Docky Who in THIS blog…(SHUDDER)(I do not mean any offense to any Whovian; I am not all too crazy about that certain wonky British gentleman in a blue elevator…What next, a sitcom from Sweden about a plumber with fairy wings?!? Again, I’m kidding…) 
        There is so much to do over this crazy Saturday at the Dover Comic Con, but if you want to learn more all about it for yourselves, then I suggest that you go and visit…And then, for all of you nerds out there, go nuts…Just don’t have people mistake you for the real Green Arrow or even the real Spider Man, puh-leeze!!


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