Around & Around It Goes…

“Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt(CAROUSEL)…” 

        You might have seen them in every amusement park in town: It is a ride that has animals in which you can ride on, while going around and around it goes, and where you would stop once this ride ends, well, only this certain machine knows…It is the carousel, otherwise known to those in the know as the merry-go-round. The carousel found in amusement parks is moved often by machine power, and are often brightly decorated with paintings, lights, and animals all around the outside; Those animals that are seen in most carousels might be swans, horses, tigers, etc. 
        So when did a certain thing as a carousel actually first appeared? Well, the earliest types of of the early merry-go-rounds had been most likely created by the Arabians; However, only the grown-ups were allowed to ride that very first carousel. But today, they had been made so that children would ride on them; In Europe, however, the carousel became the very first recognized one…In France, meanwhile, the carousel was first used as a game, surprisingly, so that the French would enjoy practicing a game that they had enjoyed playing, so for this kind of game, they practiced by riding on wooden horses that have been carved out of wood, then those horses would be rotated by servants pulling at the rotating platform; This might predate the playground carousels. 

        At the beginning of the 18th century, a French toy dealer showed wooden horses on a rotating platform moved by either horsepower or human power; Thus began the fact that the carousel would soon emerge as a ride, and would go on to become popular in America between 1880 and 1930, in which around 5,000 carousels had been built around that time. 
        An American who had migrated from Germany and goes by the name of Michael Dentzel had been living in Philadelphia; He began to use his carousel by moving the rotary platform using either steam power or horsepower in 1814; Much later, however, the carousels have since been moved by a little something called a machine, a concept, invented in America in 1898, that is still being used today.

        Now, to give an explaination of how a carousel works: It is set up a little above ground, while its platform rotates under motor power in the middle and can move up and down; Depending on the carousel itself, the number of seats resembling horses or other animals varies, but are usually between 16 and 60. The horses and/or animals on the platform are connected to a pole attached to both the floor and the ceiling of the ride, while the velocity of the rotation of the carousel is about 5 rounds a minute. The average length of the ride is 2 to 3 minutes. 
        And so, there you have it-The history of the merry-go-round, er, carousel…Save a ride for yours truly, will ‘ya?! 


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