Food Ideas With a Lot Of SPICE!!(YEEE-YOW!!!)

“Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt(SPICY)…” 

        When one thinks of summer, one must think of hot, as in things that are hot, such as the sun, the campfire, the BBQ…When it comes to food, one must have to think of spicy things that would tempt one’s palate(as well as burn one’s mouth); But what should happen when that certain craving for the spiciest of foods begins to kick in? Well that, my friends, is where KALEIDOSCOPE comes in…
        We have personally selected some of the many food ideas that are so very spicy, one may need to call the fire department afterwards; The follwing ideas are all through the courtesy of that ideas website, Pinterest

Almost everybody loves Cheetos, but then again, everybody loves Cheetos when they are hot, as in FLAMIN’ HOT; So how about making this fun new idea: Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Crusted Cheese Sticks!
Somebody call the fire department, because this one is as spicy as it gets: Spicy Chicken Cheeseballs!
Sausage goes great with any meal, especially when it is spicy; This idea should definitely be a winner come dinnertime: Spicy Sausage Cheesy Pasta Casserole!
The most popular Asian dish out there is the wonton, so this idea should please guests when they come over for a get-together: Jalapeno Avocado Cream Cheese Wontons!
And finally, when it comes to enjoying something as very spicy as buffalo chicken, you simply cannot ever go wrong with this one: Buffalo Chicken Rangoons!

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