SQUIBBLES By Jenn Webster

Gee whiz, those rumor hornets just won’t give themselves a rest over a certain little TV show called Doctor Who, don’t they?! There has been buzz(yuk, yuk, yuk) about the twelfth docky teaming up with the very first docky, William Harnell, who was around when the show started and that Depends hasn’t(just joking, folks) in an upcoming Christmas special later this year; While there may be a 50/50 chance of that ever happening, let me remind you, dear folks, that Mr. Hartnell had done a very first Doctor Who Christmas show all those many years ago, but somehow it got lost.

But we here at KALEIDOSCOPE have finally found this lost footage of the Christmas special; However, this happens to be an alternative take on that certain ending in which he breaks the fourth wall and wishes everyone a Merry Christmas. But regardless, here is that footage…

First Docky #1
“And a very, Merry Christmas to all of you at home.”

First Docky #2