The Very Lost Pampers Commercial…

“Write a new post in response to (Feb. 24th’s) one-word prompt(BABY)…”

Now, what I am writing about today isn’t really about a baby…It is about a certain product that has been helping babies stay dry since its introduction in 1961; That certain diaper product is called Pampers, and Pampers have also been known for their classic commercials featuring moms talking about how each diaper differs from the other. But there was a time when some ad agency decided to add a famous celebrity for its next commercial, so it was done; Unfortunately, after its only airing, this commercial had been met with the same kind of angry criticism that had given other lost television commercials, so it had been banished from television forever…Until now.

After too many years, we here at KALEIDOSCOPE have finally found this lost celebrity commercial for Pampers; Take a look at it, and then decide if you think that it is good or bad…

“Gee, I wish my baby’s diaper is dryer than yours…” “Well…”
“Yo moms, Imma let you finish, but Pampers has just got to be the very best @#$%$#@& diapers of all time!!!”
“That’s right moms, you can bet your sweet #@$%^&#@ that Pampers are the best diapers for babies!”
“But don’t you think that YOUR baby is…” “Yo, Momma!! Don’t knock that @#$%$#@!!! Just try #@$%&*%$#-ing Pampers, yo!!!”
“Pampers…Because it is very well best to keep your #$%@&%$# baby dry!”